Fields of Activities Thermal Power Plants

Environment & Social Care: environmental impact studies are the basis of our work methodology. Potential hazards of any project are prevented and resolved cooperatively with local communities and central regional Authorities. Human settlement is a constant priority and resettlement planning comes always as the least favourable option on hand.

ELC respect for the green issue and for safe and healthy living standards comprises the following services:

Definition of the scheme baseline conditions and, at need, investigation of the most efficient use of power, including load management & other demand side management issues

Assessment of potential environmental impacts
• Identification of prevention and mitigation measures
• Elaboration of Environmental Management Plan

Customer Service: ELC services provide 360° solutions for any Customer need ranging from resources exploration, financial due diligence, National and Inter -­‐ Regional energetic potential assessment, field development up to power plant design, construction management & superv ision.

Worldwide Power Transmission expertise

T & D international experience: ELC has accomplished T&D projects in 49 Countries cumulating a relev ant reputation as global consultant in power sector liberalisation process, in particular in energy pricing regulations, tariff settings and methodologies, technolog ica l k nowledg e a nd experience relev a nt to generation, transmission and distribution of energy.

References: International T & D expertise is based on 115 references, 17 of which range from 400 kV to 550 kV and up to 600 kV and 750 kV. Consultant capabilities include assets such as design, organisation and regulation of energy markets.

Technical solutions provider at 360°

ELC has supported system operators, generation

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