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Itaipu', Brazil/Paraguay: 12.600 MW HPP & T & D Pancheswar, India & Nepal: 7.200 MW HPP G.E.R.D., Ethiopia: 6.000 MW HPP & 400kV T.L. Project Rogun, Tajikistan: 3.600 MW HPP & 600 kV interconnection with 600 kV T.L. to neighbouring countries Gibe III HPP, Ethiopia: 1,870 MW Matenggeng PSPP, Indonesia: 900 MW


ELC Electroconsult S.p.A. is a private and fully independent Italian engineering consultant operating in Hydropower, Geothermal-Thermal, High Voltage Transmission Lines & Distribution as well as in Health & Safety, Environmental & Social Management Compliance.

The Consultant has no affiliation to any construction firms, suppliers or financial institutions.

ELC was founded in 1955 by merging and legally acquiring the Human Resources, the Technical know-how, and the Project References of the most reputable XXth Century engineering firms of Italy:

  • Fiat Energy
  • Montecatini - Edison Energy
  • SADE - Societa’ Adriatica di Elettricita’

Through this successful Merger & Acquisition, ELC Management was able to capitalise and further develop this unique know-how and highly advanced engineering expertise.

ELC therefore provides Clients with a solid benchmark of cumulated experience built on 116 years of steady learning curve, being the Malnisio Hydropower Plant, commissioned in May 1904, one of the key European references of that time.

Hydropower generation plant also included the Transmission & Distribution line of 115 km to electrically power up Venice’s St. Mark Square, previously illuminated by XIX Century old gas lamps.

ELC Engineering Services: ELC provides quality engineering consultancy services and managerial support in key areas of Hydropower, Geo-thermal and Thermal power generation as well as in High Voltage Transmission Lines and Electrical Distribution.

The range of ELC services spans from the early development phase e.g. master plans and pre-feasibility and fea-sibility studies) up to the basic and detailed design level. ELC 360° range of engineering services also include as-sistance to owner in bidding, contract negotiation and project management e.g. design review, construction super-vision, commissioning and factory inspections.

ELC expertise includes infrastructure and agriculture developments, irrigation, flood control, water resources planning, river and basin management, HSE, environmental analysis and pollution prevention of multi-purpose water supply schemes.

Our exper tservices include of renewables power generation plants and technical-financial Due-Diligences, Training and Managerial Build Up and Capacity Building as well as National Power Sector Reforms & Provatization projects.

ELC Environmental & Social Management: Since the early 70’s ELC has cumulated a great experience in environmental protection, health, safety and risk management by protecting people, forestry and land by optimizing the design, and therefore the performance, of large Hydropower, Power generation Plants and High Voltage Transmission Lines and Interconnections across the Globe.

Consultant’s solid planning in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA), Vulnerable Communities Development Plans (VCDP) and Indigenous People Development Plans (IPDP) ensures that Resettlement Action Plans (RAP) are always considered as the very last resort.

Engineering & ESIA Synergies:

Environmental know how integrates 360° ELC’s eco-friendly and neutral impact project solutions. These cover flood control, water resources planning, river and basin management, watershed erosion prevention as well as high tech engineering and management for Technical - Economic Assessments, Master Plans.

Synergies occur mostly at level of Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Studies, Tender and Detailed Designs, Rehabilitations and Repowering, Supervision of Construction and Works Commissioning, Factory Inspections, up to Capacity Building, Public and Private Sector Development, National Power Sector Reforms and Privatizations.

ELC Key Performance & International Reliability: As of January 2021, ELC technical capabilities are supported by 1,788 successful assignments with a geographical reach up to 96 Nations. Solid Project Management experience has been achieved in difficult and often seismically active regions, such as the Andes of Peru, Chile up to Ecuador and all Central America as well as in Italy, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Tajikistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia

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