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Lumut Balai Geothermal Project, Indonesia Tendaho Geothermal Project, Ethiopia: Exploration Well Menengai Geothermal Project, Kenya: Field View Blawan Ijen Geothermal Project, Indonesia: Caldera Kamojang V, Indonesia Varna, Bulgaria: 1260 MW Coal Fired Power Plant

ELC key achievements Breakdown by No. / Size

  • Thermal and Geothermal Power Plants:
    138 / 54,900 MW
  • Hydroelectric Power Plants:
    93 / 149,500 MW
  • Revamping and Re-powering of H.P.P. & T.P.P.:
    23 / 26,060 MW
  • Cogeneration plants:
    3 / 160 MW
  • Transmission Lines (up to 750 kV):
    117 / 18,600 km
  • Substations:
  • Dams & Appurtenant Structures:
  • Irrigation Projects - Total irrigated area:
    1,500,000 ha

Most Challenging Projects: the consultant easily deals with and overcomes the swift execution of Projects in the most challenging environmental, climatic, seismic and geological regions, as the:

  • Italian Alps and the steep and rugged Himalayan Region with young geology
  • Horn of Africa, the African Rift Valley and the Sub Saharan Region
  • Tropical South East Asia and the seismically active volcanic belt of the ring of fire
  • Central & South America Andes and the range of Quaternary Volcanoes

Problem solver: ELC-Electroconsult has earned a reputation of ingenious problem solver of complex Hydropower, Geothermal / Thermal and HVTL Projects:

  1. Sanxia / Three Gorges MPP, China. . 25,000 MW. First Stage cofferdam, main second stage upstream and downstream cofferdams Basic Design, Review of geological conditions, Construction Technologies and methods, Construction Planning, Cost estimate.
  2. Itaipu HPP, Brazil. 14,300 MW. Pre-feasibility, Feasibility, Contract Design, Assistance to Bidding, Detailed Design, Construction Supervision Management, Commissioning.
  3. Grand Inga & Lower Zaire MPP, Zaire/ D.R. Congo. 34,500 MW. 46 units and associated HVTL and Distrbution systems. Technical Advice, Preliminary Design, Masterplan, Environmental Studies. Largest HPP Project ever been made in the World.
  4. Pancheswar MPP, Nepal. 7,200 MW. Basic and Pre-Feasibility Study, Technical Advisory, Master Plan, Environmental Studies.
  5. Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project, HPP, Ethiopia. 6,000 MW. Feasibility, Contract Design, Assistance to Bidding, Detailed Design, Construction Supervision Management, Commissioning, and associated T&D works. Work in progress
  6. Rogun HPP, Tajikistan. 3,600 MW. World’s Tallest 340 meters high Rock- fill Dam. Basic Studies, Preliminary Design, Master Plan, ESIA Studies with associated HVTL&D. Work in progress.
  7. Hydroelectric HPP Simón Bolívar de Guri, Venezuela. 10,250 MW. Management and Specialized Technical Services for the Rehabilitation of the Units 1 to 6 of the Powerhouse I. With the refurbishing the total installed capacity of the plant will grow up to 10,950 MW. Work in progress.
  8. Eastern Electricity Highway Ethiopia - Kenya Power Systems Interconnection. 500 kV HVDC. Transmission Line (1,100 km) and No. 2 Converting Stations (2,000 MW). Review of FS, ESIA,Training and Construction Supervision. Work in progress.
  9. Overhead Line Java-Bali Crossing Project, Indonesia. 500 kV HVAC. ESIA, Procurement, Training and Construction Supervision 220 km, expansion of 500 kV GIS substation, Substation 500 kV/150 kV, 2x500 MVA.
  10. Lumut Balai Geothermal Power Plants - Indonesia. 2 x 55 MW. ESIA, Front End Engineering and Design, Bidding Documents, Construction Supervision. Work in progress.
  11. Hululais Geothermal Power Plants - Indonesia. 2 x 55 MW. ESIA, Front End Engineering and Design, Bid-ding Documents, Construction Supervision. Work in progress.
  12. Lynchburg CHP, U.S.A. 18 MW. Feasibility Study and Design for co-generative Biomass Fuelled Power Plant integrated in a paper mill factory. Work in progress.

ELC International Banks Accreditations: ELC is accredited with all major financial institutions and Banks. 95% of the Consultant turnover is made through funding by the World Bank, ADB, JICA, BID, ICEIDA, AFD, JBIC, AfDB, KFW, EBRD, IDB, NDF and AFC and is therefore well acquainted with reporting and presentations made in these international style and formats.

The compliance with the high integrity policy of the Firm and with the International Safeguards Standards set by the main International Financing Institution is a constant goal in our quality ISO 9001 and safety OHSAS 18001:2007 certified working process


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