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Al Hartha, Iraq: Conventional Steam Plant, 800 MW Ethio-Kenya Power Systems Interconnection: 500 kV HVDC Transmission Line and Substations

ELC Performance Management Procedure: ELC has in place just in time Complaint Handling Procedure through dedicated 24 hours / 7 days a week respon-siveness to any unprompted circumstance within the Project Management value chain.

The Performance Management Analysis procedure is a standard policy in place to duly confront and overcome any rare and eventual sub-ideal performance.

The ISO independent quality inspection, performed mandatorily each year by an independent third party certifying authority, has so far never detected a flaw neither in ELC’s quality nor in lack of Experts performance of any Project.

The preventive Analysis of Variance and Deviations (AOV) and the Adaptive Organization Management (AOM) guarantee, ex ante, a tight budgetary control, effective time sheets management, adequacy verification of Personnel performance and continuous levelling of available resources towards each and any task.

Effective contingency planning completes and integrates ELC’s Quality Measurement System (QMS) Plan by anticipating obstacles and timely define alternative strategies so to ensure that the Project reaches, and possibly exceeds, the long term objectives of the Assignment.

Quality performance insurance over the life of the Assignment: Quality evaluations and screening tests to enhance the Project Management output are ensured by the Consult-ant’s double circuit, independent quality cross checks made by the Quality Review Board.

These audits, carried out each trimester, qualify and scrutinize the conformity of the Project Management with ELC’s Quality Compliance Process (QCP). Only the complete Technical analysis, validation and approval of each and any policy and procedure steps ensures a timely, swift and safe Project implementation throughout the life of the Assignment.

Consultant’s innovative problem analysis and decision making methodology allows prevention and, at need, ready confrontation of any possible sudden engineering management issue - or quest for special action steps - which might be caused by previously not foreseeable Project issues.

The consistent Capability Study Review provides early qualitative or quantitative warning with responsive and timely re-engineering of any sub-critical factor. This process manages the consistent levelling of technical and managerial resources, ensures just in time earned value, and compensates shortfalls.

Guarantee of professional services: ELC’s Adaptive Organization Management relies on two-way certified information exchange based on Consultant’s integrity and respect of the letter and the spirit of the contractual agreement with the Client. The swift continuity of professional services throughout the duration of the entire Project is achieved through the peer to peer adaptive organizational pyramid.

In this working scheme both parties have a clear cross check observation on the critical issues of the levelling of professional resources, the anticipation of issues, the problem solving and the realignment of any eventual devia-tion. This methodology allows automatic and shared resources benchmarking, therefore keeping in due course the timing of the deliverables so to consistently meet the Project key milestones.

  • The Process Capability Study (PCS) identifies the few, but critical, Project characteristics that merit an in depth, full capability analysis.
  • The Process Performance Analysis (PPA) versus Project specifications provides the process performance index to be benchmarked. Gap & Remedy Analysis of the control charts ensures the just in time coordina-tion and consistent Project assessment.

This structured and disciplined Quality Management System (QMS) allows ELC’s early and consistent identification of any eventual Process limit -if any-. ELC Electroconsult S.p.A process control and assessment tools are there-fore able to define, analyze and prevent any Project deviation, or non - conformity, through the block mode by the Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA).

ELC Power & Organization Charts: The below charts evidence a clear-cut, result oriented, and flexible structure so to efficiently focus on Client’s re-quirements:

Organization chart

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